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Word of Mouth
The Single Most Powerful Marketing  Tactic

Word of mouth has long been seen as a valuable marketing tool.

Mark Joyner posted the question in his blog:
What is the single most powerful force in marketing?

And he said that there most definitely is a right answer. Of course, and many of the 950 comments to his post included it.

But then I started wondering... and realized: 

It all Depends on What You See as Marketing

If marketing is defined as getting the message about a product or service out to people, the answer must be word of mouth.

We have all experienced it, if a trusted friend tells us about a great product or service, we will immediately trust it and not think twice about buying it.

This method will win hands down compared to any other form of getting the message out.

Never underestimate the power of people.

The rise of online social networking has exploded the well-known medium of word of mouth advertising and marketing.

Human nature has shown that we are more likely to talk about negative experiences than our good ones. Yet the online phenomenon is changing that as well. Good and bad are both shared, and it is a fantastic way to get genuine endorsements.

This is essentially a new way to promote your business through personal feedback. With tools, such as Facebook, you can also really understand the people who like your business. You can access statistics and elicit feedback directly from customers, to better understand them. An absolutely valuable tool in growing and improving any business.

Just remember that, as always, it goes both ways. People will also share negative experiences, and these also provide an opportunity to improve.

The Whole Marketing Process

But then I started to think further and realized that a lot of marketing experts also include product creation in the marketing process.

Once it is clear who my clients are, I need to find out what they need. And the better I am at understanding them and their problem, the higher the chances that my solutions will succeed.

So do I think that market research is the single most powerful force in marketing?

Well, if I had to choose between

1) investing time and money into understanding my clients to build a perfect product

2) creating word of mouth

I would opt for the first, and let the second follow automatically.

And in his book The Irresistible Offer

Mark says: "Well, actually,there is a word for selling the sizzle without steak. It's called a scam."

The Single Most Powerful Marketing Tactic

If I had the perfect product already and had to choose one marketing tactic to get the word out, I would use the most powerful marketing tactic: word of mouth.

And it will be a whole lot easier with a great product that a thirsty crowd is waiting for.

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