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Web Design Tips for Your Home Business

We chose SBI to help us build our website because they provide key web design tips that help you build one of the best web sites you possibly can.

The reality of the world we live in is that even the smallest business in the smallest town can benefit from having a website.

We wanted a professional web site, but we are not professional web designers. SBI has given us the platform to easily build our site while learning a huge amount along the way.

Easy to follow information is provided to help you increase web site traffic, design a site that fits with your business image, and bring in business as part of the SBI package.

If you have an idea for a internet based home business, or if you are interested in building a web site for your existing business -home based or not - I recommend giving SBI a try.

It is a fantastic way to keep control over the look and content of your website, without it costing you an absolute fortune. And it is easy to achieve a professional site without having to become a professional web site designer!


Writing Your Own Website

This may sound a bit daunting to some people.

Perhaps writing is not your strongest talent, or perhaps you don't recognize that you have something worthwhile to say.

If you are interested in, involved in and passionate about a subject - then writing a website is easier than you think.

Sometimes the best plan is to just get started. Once you start writing down everything you know that is relevant to your topic, you will probably be surprised by how much information you have to share.

There is also such a lot of help and support available, such as this
FREE download on how to use the right words to sell your product or service. Because words sell, not graphics.

Combine this with the thousands of web design tips you have access to through SBI for amazing help and support.

Designing Your Own Website

You may think that how you design your website would depend on these factors:

  • Budget
  • Software programmes you have available, and know how to use
  • Access to expertise / who you know
  • Knowledge of the internet and how websites work
  • Time you have available to get the website designed and built

    These may be factors for you - some or all of them.

    For me, once I had chosen to build my website through Solo Build It I found that pretty much all my concerns disappeared.

    I had little experience on site design when I started. In fact there were times I doubted whether I had enough to say!

    What worked particularly well for me was that I could quickly establish the look I wanted, and consistently reproduce that to have a site that I was happy with.

    From there I would write information and add pages whenever I had a chance.

    I really enjoy being able get on with updating and improving my site whenever I want to. No waiting around for approval from anyone, or waiting for someone else to schedule my changes into their work schedule.

    Plus I know that I am developing a website that works if I follow all the valuable web design tips on offer!

    If you have any doubts about your ability to design and build your own site, download this FREE guide to making your site sell.

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