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Online Travel Agency:

One of the Growth Opportunities
of the 21st Century

Why would you start a home based online travel agency? Well, if you love to travel abroad, stay in luxurious hotels, eat exotic foods and sightsee in numerous foreign destinations, it might just be the right thing to do.

The Opportunity

Today, there are numerous opportunities if you want to start the best home business for you. Some of these include:

  • Travel franchise
  • Cruise franchise
  • Travel agent franchise
  • Travel services
  • Cruise ship travel

Love To Travel?
Make It Your Business!

Share all that with others who want to know what you do. Write your travel expenses off (tax deductions!) as you write about your passion. Best of all, build a thriving online business doing it!

A Change From the Old Way of Doing Business

In the last decade, there has been an explosion in home based business. This is partially due to airlines placing caps on commissions and commission rates. This has led many professionals to issue airline tickets only to established customers (along with an attached fee for the service).

What has been a result of changes in the travel industry? There is now a need for home based specialists that center on a narrow niche in the travel market.

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Wanted: Home Based Business

With recent events in the travel industry, many suppliers (tour companies, cruise lines, resorts) are clamoring to work with home based travel agents that operate on their own or through a reputable host.

In fact, a January 2005 White Paper by Credit-Suisse identified the home based travel business as the highest income-producing segment of the industry. The paper further identified these home businesses as the growth opportunity of the 21st century.

If you want to establish yourself in an exciting up-and-coming home based business, you should consider delving further into the opportunities.

Niche Deep

To succeed in this type of home business, you need to focus on a narrow niche.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, operations of yesteryear are almost obsolete, and online versions have become extremely common.

The ability to obtain airline tickets and make hotel reservations is literally at anyone’s fingertips. Within minutes and a few mouse clicks later, any average Joe can perform tasks that used to require professional help.

What is left in today’s travel industry? Specific product knowledge about various travel destinations.

The Need For Product Knowledge

Product knowledge can be obtained through research, study, and experiencing your product (travel to your niche destinations).

There are numerous training courses available to familiarize yourself with various global destinations, cruises, tours, hotels and resorts.

By taking specific training courses you would be viewed as more credible by those who offer them and be more likely to accrue promotional benefits when they are rendered.

Bottom line, if you start a travel agency business, your clients will want specific destination information and product knowledge. All their other travel needs can be performed for free via the Internet.

The most exciting aspect of product knowledge is experiencing your areas of expertise first hand! If your business’ niche is cruise ships, what better way to “know” your product than to take a cruise and many of them?

Training Programs

Many travel training programs are free. For example, if your niche in the travel market is Acapulco, there are training programs that include a study course to familiarize you with this destination’s best selling points. These programs often offer a bonus points program as well.

A few of these training programs include:

  • Hotel and resort
  • Destination
  • Cruise line
  • Lifestyle Specialist
  • Tour Operator


A travel agency home based business would be ideal if you want to be your own boss, make an income working from home and travel the world over.

The travel industry has made rapid changes in the last decade. Starting your own travel agency home based business would be ideal if you want to establish yourself in an up-and-coming home based business.

Travel is one of my passions. I find it exciting, inspiring and generally fun! So I am definitely someone who toyed with the idea of setting up an online travel agency and website. Especially as it is now so easy to research and dream about travel destinations using the internet.

But my reality is that I use travel to escape from work and commitments - so if it then became my business and income source; Would it really still remain fun?

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