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Tips To Save Money

When You Work From Home

There are many tips to save money for those of us who have a home based business.

Sometimes saving money is one of the reasons we choose to work from home. But even if it is not, it is almost always either a beneficial side effect or an added bonus!

There are also many lifestyle benefits to working from home;

Why Does a Home Business Save You Money?


Moving around town, the country, the world - whenever and wherever you are moving, it will cost you to do it.
So staying home to conduct your business will save you money straight away.

Now I know that it is not always possible to remain at home to carry out your business operations. But if first and foremost your business is based at your home, then you are already moving around less, as you are at work from the time you wake up.
When you do leave the house, it will be to go directly to the job at hand - it will not be to commute to your workplace - and then go to the job at hand. Saving again.


Some people have very little transport costs anyway. Perhaps you tend to walk, or cycle, wherever you need to go. This is a big step towards saving money in today's society.

The key here is to not overdo it to the point where it is costing you money in time. Time is still money, even for a home business.

So while the actual transport method may be very cost effective, you also need to keep it time efficient so you are maximizing the time spend on your business.


When your home is also your workplace, you are usually saving money on business items that are often also standard items in the modern home.


  • business premises = home
  • electricity
  • telephone lines
  • internet
  • maintenance on one property instead of two
  • rent or mortgage on one property instead of two
  • office equipment


    In most countries there are tax advantages to running a business from home.

    There is recognition of the costs associated with a work from home business that would also be applicable if the business was operated from separate premises.

    Sometimes you can claim a percentage of your costs depending on how much of your home is used for work.


  • Your office takes up 20 square meters of your 200 square meter home.
  • 200 divided by 20 = 10% of the floor area of your home is used for business.
  • You may be able to claim 10% of your legitimate business costs for tax purposes.
  • Items such as electricity, rates, insurance etc may be able to be claimed.

    The tax rules are very different between countries so you need to fully investigate the rules for where you are.

    I would also highly recommend getting both professional legal and accounting advice about your tax obligations so you don't make any mistakes!

    Tips to Save Money

    Here are some really basic tips to save money that can work simply because you work at home:

  • Reduce transport costs by planning your trips out to work for both home and business at the same time.
  • Eat at home, and remove the need to buy lunch each day.
  • Save your business clothing for the times you are meeting clients. You will need less good clothing, and it will last longer too.
  • You are not paying out for double ups such as telephone lines, computers, office equipment, electricity, internet connections etc that you would have in your home as well as your business.
  • When you have a sick family member you can look after them without compromising your work commitments, and without the guilt of missing a day at the office!
  • You can re-arrange your daily schedule to include working early in the morning or late at night to allow money-saving activities during the day such as:
    - growing your own vegetables
    - hanging the laundry on the line instead of using a clothes dryer
    - preparing your meals at home rather than picking up take out meals
    - walking or biking into town for errands, and not using your vehicle as much
    - doing home baking to feed your family with cheap, delicious treats without the added preservatives

    Is It Financially Worth It ?


    There are many thousands of tips to save money. This information is about getting you thinking.

    Is going out to work really worth it?

    Or would you actually have a better lifestyle and more money in your pocket if you worked from home?

    If you can find and use tips to save money - you may be pleasantly surprised at the unexpected financial benefits of a work from home business.


    Here are some Online Calculators I have found useful when working out the Financial Cost of going out to work. Many of them are focused on Stay at Home Mums & Dads, but don't let this put you off if it doesn't apply to you. The maths and the logic is pretty similar for anyone "weighing up their options". These are helpful when considering:
  • going back to work
  • changing jobs / job locations
  • buying or starting a business
  • moving an existing business from Home Based to outside of the home
  • moving an existing business from outside of the home to become a Home Based Business
  • Some even come with further Tips to Save Money that you may find helpful. 

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