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Think of this as a bit of a pep talk - don't let your age (old or young) determine your start or success in business.

With the success of so many online entrepreneurs, women in business and the ideas of youth and the next generations - many traditional barriers have been brought down.

  • What was previously inconceivable in life, is so often now the norm for many of us.

  • It is possible to run a successful business without even leaving your home, through the advent of the internet and online entrepreneurs.


    Taking an idea and running with it has never been so easy!
    Many successful entrepreneurs are doing exactly that!

    No matter what stage of your life or career you are at, you can develop your own idea and home based business.

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    Youth Entrepreneurs

    This information is not just aimed at Youth Entrepreneurs, because the opportunities for success are in no way limited by age.

    A traditional job path of school, university, working for a company to get experience, then potentially starting your own business seems almost irrelevant to many today.

    You may have seen information on helping children to be entrepreneurial and start their own business, or how to get out there and find paid work.

    This is a valuable way to teach them lessons about money, value, personal discipline, delivering on what they promised etc etc.
    In fact the lessons we all learn from work and business are immeasurable in life value.

    This can also be translated to teens and older youth.

    Even if their enterprise is not very financially successful, it will be a fantastic learning platform. Starting small with little risk, online or in the local community, will teach valuable business lessons that can translate to bigger operations later on.

    Helping a young person to make their own path through work and legitimate business is a very positive thing to do with many benefits.
    They are less likely to get into trouble, they feel they have value, and they have something positive to focus on and challenge them (rather than looking inward and focusing only on themselves).

    No Matter What Your Age!

    Age is irrelevant in business. Old or young, the opportunities are out there if you have the desire.

    Many of the world's most successful business people started their journey late in life - or tried and failed several times before tasting success.

    Your idea, your business - whatever you are passionate about doing will have a niche somewhere in the marketplace - it is not about how old you are and what you should be doing...

    There Are No Barriers!

    Many traditional barriers to entrepreneurship and business have been removed, thanks in part to the internet and societal changes.

    Pre-conceived ideas about who should be doing what in business - such as you are too young, or that is not a woman's job - have become irrelevant.

    Many times you will not even know who you are dealing with when organizing goods and services via the internet.

    The new rules for internet business include some of the old rules too, such as integrity, value, honesty, good customer service and response, but some old rules are no longer relevant.

    For example, do you care if the person selling you the product is 15 if the product is what you want? Maybe in a traditional setting such as a shop you might look around for someone older, but on the internet? probably not.

    Not Just On the Internet

    Successful entrepreneurs are not just assigned to the internet!
    That is certainly not the message I am trying to get across.

    Many traditional endeavors are still open to a new interpretation that could transform into a business for you.

    As you will see with many of the ideas on this site, adapting an existing business or service to fit with your home business needs is still a viable way to start your own business.

    In my opinion, anyone who makes a business work for them is an entrepreneur.

    You do not have to have worldwide, glamorous and life-changing success to be a successful entrepreneur!

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  • Time to dispel some of the those myths and assumptions (yours and other peoples) about being an entrepreneur. There is some great reading material out there (lots of it!) that will propel you on your way...

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