"Build your home business and give yourself choices"

When Starting a Homebased Business
Use the 5 Laws of Simpleology

If you are thinking of starting a homebased business, it is essential to be aware of some simple yet profound truths.

I came across Simpleology in December 2006. Just from working through Simpleology 101 I was able to achieve much more than before.

Here is a short summary of what it teaches:

The 5 Laws of Simpleology

The Law of Straight Lines reminds us that the shortest path between any two points is a straight line. So to reach a goal quickly, it is essential to take the most direct route. Many people take unnessecary detours.

The Law of Clear Vision relates to having a clear idea of where you are going. 

The Law of Focused Attention states that we are more successful when we focus on what we want to achieve. 

The Law of Focused Energy adds that we need to take focused action to reach our goals. 

The Inescapability of Action/Reaction highlights that whatever we do has a result. This is also true for "not doing anything". You can probably guess what the results are for that.

If you are not quite clear on the distinction between some of these laws, the exercises in Simpleology will help.

They seem a bit silly when you first read about them. But I actually did every single one and they serve as great reminders of how to act in real life.

The Scientific Formula for Success

This is so simple that it is easy to laugh off. But at the same time, this is its power:

  1. See your target (your goal)
  2. Keep it in your sights
  3. Hit it (until you hit it)

All the 5 laws of Simpleology are integrated in that simple formula. Can you see that?

So before starting a home based business, get clarity. Never lose sight of it and keep going towards it in a straight line.

The 3 Sources of Power

For every outcome we want to achieve, we have to invest one or more of the three sources of power: time, energy and money. 

It made me realize that time is a non-renewable resource. We only have a certain amount of time available and have to make the best use of it.

The Pathway to Power

The pathway to power relates to the Daily Target Practice. This is a great tool, not only when starting a homebased business. [Read more ...]

The 2 Most Important Decisions of Your Life

Do you choose an action that takes you closer to your goal or further away? 

Will your decision strengthen or weaken your power?


Simpleology is set up in such a way that you not only read about all these things, but actually learn to integrate them into you daily life.

The course is provided on mp3, as online videos and in a pdf document. In addition, you can use the Web Cockpit to complete your Daily Target Practice.

Did I mention that it is free? Naturally that is part of their marketing strategy. The good thing is that there is no constant marketing that tries to sell other things. 

I feel that this free resource is the start of an honest and useful business relationship and one of the best things when starting a homebased business.

So if you feel that focus and clarity serve your goals, Simpleology is the best place I have found to train them.

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