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Small Business Franchise
to Expand Your Home Business

Setting up your own home based franchise or small business franchise is one way to expand your home business.

Here is just one success story - perhaps you have a small business franchise idea too?


Franchised Maths Tutoring A Winner

When funding for her rural school dried up during the early 2000s, Tokoroa principal Kathy Redwood was forced to re-evaluate her career options. So, like many Kiwi entrepreneurs, Mrs Redwood launched a business from her garage.

She saw a niche for maths tutoring in the rural township and began offering home-based training for children.

Just eight years later, her business mathZwise has expanded into six franchises across the region, tutoring 300 students each year from branches in Taupo, Tokoroa, Hamilton, Cambridge and Tauranga. While based on the school curriculum, the programme also incorporates activities and games, to help primary and high school students. Tutors are limited to two children each.

"That means we don't make as much money as other companies ... although we get better progress for our children," she said.

"When I go into the rooms and they are warm and buzzing it's amazing to think they are learning maths."

Mrs Redwood avoids computers so tutors can cater to individual needs.

After opening the Tokoroa branch, Mrs Redwood opened Hamilton and Taupo in 2004. But when running the three businesses became too much for one person, a business adviser suggested she offer them through a franchise system.

"It got pretty tough fielding calls from parents of 100 students each day."

So in 2007 she sold her first Hamilton franchise, then later that day sold her Cambridge franchise.

"It was a pretty incredible day to sell both ... to see someone had bought into my idea."

Her business concept captured the attention of ex-deputy principal Lesley Ashman. With a passion for maths and keen to secure a part-time position, Mrs Ashman bought the Hamilton South franchise in December last year.

"It was because of my passion for maths. There is something about maths that is so satisfying perhaps the structure and always having an answer."

Mrs Ashman runs the franchise from Berkley Normal Middle School and Hamilton West School.

"I love seeing it when kids understand a problem. When they turn to you and say 'I get it' and they are excited."

She said a need existed for tutoring because the new numeracy programme did not suit all children. "And then there are some children that need one-on-one support. But we aim to complement what is in the classroom."

The biggest challenge in becoming a franchisee was learning the back-office systems, she said. But a business course last year meant Ms Ashman could tackle the PAYE and roster paperwork. "Having a franchise system and Kathy as a mentor has been important. I would not have gone into business alone." Ad Feedback

The company plans to expand throughout the North Island. Its website is at mathzwise.co.nz.

- Waikato Times

You Can Do It Too!

Creating a small business franchise is possible, and it is a great way to turn your home based business from a small business into a large, but yet still manageable business.

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