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How to Find a Real
Home Based Business Opportunity

A real home based business opportunity is rarely for sale. But there are some out there.

If you are really excited about something you stumbled across, here is what to do.

  • Check against your vision
  • Make contact with the seller and ask these questions:
    • How much time and money did you invest before you started to make a profit?
    • What is your most important skill to make this work?
    • Why don’t you invest more and increase your earnings yourself?
    • What are the actual tasks that I need to fulfill?
  • Check against your current circumstances
  • Discuss the opportunity with someone positive you trust.
  • Always sleep at least one night, before committing.

There are many, many successful home based businesses out there. But often they are hidden or tucked away - and that is exactly how many home based business owners like it!

If there is no need for public premises for your business, then there are definite advantages to keeping the physical presence of your home business discreet.

Security and privacy are just two possible reasons why someone may choose to keep their location discreet. And another big advantage is being mobile - running your business from anywhere.
A successful real home based business opportunity will one day become available for sale.

You need to keep looking through every channel available - internet, newspaper, word of mouth, even by you advertising that you want to purchase a business. Seek and you shall find... a real home based business opportunity.

Check against Your Vision

Any business opportunity - no matter how easy and enticing it sounds - needs a lot of commitment and consistent work.

If it does not fit 100% with the vision of your life, chances are that you will not have the stamina to pull it through and turn it into a real home based business opportunity.

It is therefore essential that all parts of your life are aligned to take you closer to that vision. If you are unclear on your vision, you might want to review how to get a clear vision.

A very important part of my vision is to work in a team. At the same time I like autonomy. That’s why I employed someone even before promoting my service business for health practitioners.

Now I know that it is better to let things grow organically, rather than putting too much strain on them from the start.

It is therefore not necessary that the home business opportunity fulfills your vision 100% now. It only needs to bring you closer to it.

So if your passion is health, then selling sweets does not get you closer to your vision, no matter what.

Make Contact with the Seller and Ask Questions

Whoever wants to sell a home based business opportunity plays an integral part in your future success. They are the ideal mentor to help you along.

Asking these questions lets you find out what sort of person are you dealing with. If you get a quick, open, clear and honest answer, chances are that you will get good support in the future and have found a real home based business opportunity.

If the answer is not get specific or even defensive, maybe then the opportunity is not that real at all.

Sales letters are written to make a sale. A lot of research goes into getting it right. A personal answer to some direct questions will give you a much more realistic view of the opportunity and the person behind it.

You might even find that you do not get an answer that all. That speaks volumes!

Check Against Your Current Circumstances

Most of the sales letters and initial information give a basic outline of the initial investment necessary. But usually more funds are necessary to really get it going. With the answers you should get a better picture of that.

The second area to look at is the time component: How much time do you need to invest on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? And how many months will it take before a return can be expected realistically.

If you need income now, the opportunity is unlikely to generate a return before 3 months and you need to spend 5 days a week on it, it is not a real home based business opportunity for you at this point in time.

If you have enough savings to cover 3 months living expenses, and the potential return is high enough, then it might be worth taking the risk.

Do you have the skills to do what is necessary? Or are you willing to learn those skills?

Last, but most importantly: how does it fit into your family situation? If the home business is based on phone sales and you have a baby at home, the two might not mix.

Discuss the Opportunity with Someone Positive You Trust

The key is to discuss your ideas. It is often very easy to convince yourself that something is great when you are just thinking about it.

When you start talking about it, you might suddenly realize that it feels really strange.

I found choosing someone positive useful, because I do not have to battle against a negative mind-set. When I forgot that once, I had to defend myself so much that I could not get a clear feeling about what was right for me at all.

So the other person is a sounding board for you and might point out some facet that you had not thought about.

Always Sleep at Least One Night, Before Committing

Many sales pages offer a Buy-Now-And-You-Save or Only-X-Left-So-Hurry. My guess is that 90% of those are empty threads, aimed at getting you to make a decision while you are excited.

When you go back the next day the same offer will still be there.

If you think it might really get more expensive, contact the seller and ask to hold the price for you until the next day.

A real home based business opportunity needs long-term excitement, not just the heat of the moment. So if it still looks as perfect the next day, go for it and give it all.

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