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Pet Care Information
about Transportation and Relocation

Pet care information about the services of transportation and relocation... pardon???

Think of it as a travel agent for animals - big and small - domestic and international.

Pet transportation and relocation businesses have become sought after by people who are relocating - temporarily or permanently - to help them successfully bring their animals with them.

In the past people used to either sell their pets or give them up for adoption when they relocated.

But this is changing.

It has become very common for pet owners to relocate their pets to their new location, and this often involves seeing help from logistics providers.

You could be a specialist in pet relocation from the comfort of your own home.

A Growth Area in Pet Care Information

This industry has shown excellent growth over the past five years.

The services are more and more in demand, and further growth is expected.

Pet Logistics

Also known as pet logistics providers, these businesses are offering services in relation to the travel or relocation of a pet - both domestically and internationally.

This may include;

  • pickup and delivery
  • vaccinations
  • micro chipping
  • arranging pet passports
  • consulting on import or export requirements
  • general documentation
  • health documentation
  • customs clearance
  • arranging and offering kennel or housing services
  • coordination of airline routes and reservation
  • Animal Quarantine for export and import
  • arrangement of veterinary services