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Pet Care Information
for a Home Business Opportunity

Looking After Animals As Your Home Business

This Pet Care Information is about getting you thinking about work from home opportunities around looking after animals.

  • Are you an animal lover?
  • Do you already have your own animals at home that you care for each day?
  • Would you like to look after animals but don't have the space or facilities?

    Whatever your situation, there may be a home based business opportunity for you in pet care services.

    Having good pet care information and being informed about the needs of each animal will be a big advantage to your business.

    Day Care for Animals

    Many pet owners feel that their animals are a part of their family.

    For those animals, such as dogs, that have to be left at home while the owner is away at work during the day, that can present some problems.

    It is generally accepted that cats, fish, birds, mice etc can fend for themselves during the day, if they are left some food and water.

    Larger animals, such as horses, are also housed in an appropriate space with food and water for the day.

    But often it is dogs that can present a problem.

    Perhaps the owner does not want their dog alone all day. Or perhaps the dog gets into mischief? Maybe the dog gets out and causes problems in the neighbourhood.

    Whatever the reason, there is a growing demand for dog day care.

    This service could translate to other animals - you will have to get your thinking cap on for this one. But definitely dogs are already an area where their owners will drop them off at dog day care.

    You Go To Them

    If you do not have the space or facilities to look after animals on a day care basis in your own home, there are other options.

    Working from home does not always mean that everything is done at home. It also means basing your business from home.

    This is an obvious one that has been around for decades. If you have time on your hands, are good with dogs, and appreciate the bonus of exercising while getting paid - then this could be for you.

    A really successful service can be going to the pet, rather than the pet coming to you. There can be issues when a pet is taken to a care facility, such as a cattery or boarding kennel. While there are rules for those operations around hygiene, behaviour etc, mistakes can still be made that impact on the health of the animal. This is particularly relevant for nervous or anxious animals.

    So it can be more desirable for a pet to remain in their own home while the owner is away. This creates an opportunity for a person to get paid for feeding and caring for the animal.

    You could offer extra services for busy people such as taking the animal to the vet (for an extra fee). Or cleaning out their housing for mice, birds, fish, rabbits etc. And perhaps they also need the dog walked as well.

    Busy people still have a responsibility to care for their pets properly, and this may present opportunities for your home business.

    Facilities & Requirements

    If you love animals, then this pet care information may seem basic and just the answer for you.

    Just keep in mind that animals are a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.

    There are many factors to consider when looking after animals as a home based business.

    Here are a few:

    - your manner and confidence with animals
    - your experience with animals and their specific needs
    - hygiene at your property to ensure disease or infection is not spread
    - food and water needs to be appropriate and available
    - interaction with other animals; e.g not all dogs are compatible with each other, mice and cats probably won't work well together! You get the idea.
    - does your local council allow you to have animals? What animals are ok in your area, and how many?
    - is your landlord or property manage - if applicable - ok with you caring for animals at your property?
    - if you are taking animals out and about can you take care of them appropriately?

    The more pet care information you have, the better your business will run as pet owners need to be able to trust you with their beloved animals.

    Do Your Business Research


  • Having the idea is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of experience and information you can utilize by doing good research before you start your business. Don't re-invent the wheel - learn, then modify it to work for you.

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