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How a Clear Vision Supports the Most Successful Home Based Business

Of course you want to run the most successful home based business.
We all do.

But what does most successful really mean?

For a lot of people there is a quick answer with regards to the amount of money they want to earn.

I found other considerations even more important for the most successful home based business, when you think of the full meaning of that. In a way it is about self growth.

One of the most important things is to take the time to be sure that what you are doing makes sense.
That it makes sense in a business and financial sense, and also that it makes sense for you and your desired lifestyle .

Know that it is truly what you want!

The most successful home based business is one that you love owning!

The most successful home based business considers personal desires as well as business and financial requirements.
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Persevering with building a home based business will challenge you, and almost inevitably bring about personal growth. Whether you like it or not!

There may be many times when you will question why you chose this path, and if there is another way.

I find that continually going back to the "why" I want this to work is a really strong motivator, and as a result I learn more about myself and re-focus on my business and my vision of my future.


I have always had a vision for my future. Looking back at old vision statements, I am amazed how much has come true. And the clearer I was, the more closely I reached them. When I stayed vague, the outcomes were vague.

A vision is basically a picture of the future that helps to guide our actions today. So the more aspects it includes, the better.


Here is a process many of my clients have used to build or clarify their vision.

Creating Your Vision

  • Create an environment that inspires you.
    Put on some music. Make a tea. Or even go into nature. Do whatever makes you feel great.

  • Take a journal and pen.
    I find this more effective than using the computer as you can easily write or draw, correct what you are doing etc. It is more personal if you are handwriting the ideas yourself. Plus it is likely to end up messy as you add in more thoughts and ideas. With a computer you would probably be tempted to "tidy it up" as you go - and then some of your earlier ideas might be lost.

    Forget Your Expectations

  • To start things off, forget about your expectations.
    Often creative flow is hindered by thinking too much in one direction. This blocks the view towards better possibilities. Take some pressure off yourself by removing your expectations and allowing yourself to dream.

    Delve Into Your Passions

  • Write down everything that excites you and that you are passionate about.
    Think about your hobbies.
    Remember what you loved to do when you were younger.
    Check your dreams for things you always wanted to do but never did.
    It is enough to jot down words, concepts and short reminders. Use one line for each passion.


  • Organise your ideas into logical groups.
    When you feel that all important things are on your list, look through the entries again and group them into areas that belong together.

  • Give each category a keyword or key phrase.
    Use two or three words that explain what it is about.
    This is so you can refer to them easily.

    Check Your Excitement

  • Rate each group on how much it excites you.
    Try not to think about it, just feel and let that guide you. This is not about how successful it might be, but how closely it aligns with you personally.

  • Write the level of excitement behind each line.
    5 for most exciting, down to 0 for not exciting at all.

    Building Your Vision

  • Now you know what excites you, describe your vision of how your life is going to be in 5 years.
    If you are not quite sure, just write things down that come to mind. It does not have to be the be-all-end-all vision statement. It is just clarifying the direction you are going into.

  • It might change over time, become clearer, or get a new focus.
    That is fine. Just capture what your vision is now. Include the aspects that I introduced above.

    Using Your Vision to Develop the Most Successful Home Based Business

  • Whenever you face choices with regards to your business, you have a clear guide now.
    Just ask yourself whether something will bring you closer to your vision or further away.

  • One important thing to remember is that reaching a vision does take time.
    It is the sum of many small steps that bring you there, you just have to make sure that each steps gets you closer.

    That is what a clear vision achieves and it will give you a well-rounded most successful home based business, not just lots of money.

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