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Medical Transcription Jobs; Work from Home

Medical Transcription Jobs : While you are probably looking for a work from home business opportunity, rather than a job, Medical Transcription is generally Contract work.

This is a specialized area that you will need to be trained for. There are many options available for training.

If you have already been involved in the Medical field, then you are already a step ahead as you will be more familiar with medical terms than the average person.

What is a Medical Transcription Job?

Medical Transcription involves recording the patient notes from their Doctors visit.

As the recording process has changed from hand-written notes to electronic records, the medical professional is now able to simply verbally dictate the appointment. This saves them time - whether they are a Doctor, nurse, assistant or any other kind of medical professional.

From the dictaphone a Medical Transcriptionist will enter the information electronically.

This can be done from anywhere in the world that has an internet capability.

There are other opportunities available in Transcription.
You can start a General Transcription Business from your home by getting some experienced help and advice.

Does It Matter Where You Are?

Generally, the answer is no, it doesn't matter where you are.

However, as with anything there are always factors to consider:

1. The language of the medical professiional - you would need to have excellent language and grammar for the particular language being used, e.g. English, French etc, along with an ability to understand and spell medical terms.

2. The turn around for most requests is 24 hours so your work schedule needs to fit in with the requirements of your clients. The time frame can be a lot shorter in critical medical situations.

How Is This A Home Based Business?

Certainly in the beginning this would be more of a Job, rather than a home based business.

But it is also most likely to be Contract work, where you are paid according to the amount of work you do.

Independent Contractors are generally considered as self-employed, just like a business, when it comes to tax etc.

Later on you may find you have the confidence and experience to secure your own contracts, employ your own contractors and establish your own Medical Transcription business.

If you are considering this path you really should investigate the legal and insurance options available to ensure you are adequately protected from lawsuits.


  • There are different types of transcription, but there are also similarities in the skills and equipment required. Here is some reading material to help get you informed - then you can decide if it is right for you.

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