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Marketing Home Based Business

The Tools You Need

Marketing home based business is essential.

Here I have reviewed some of the most common and most useful tools for marketing home based business, in my experience.

I will not say I have a lot of experience on this subject because I probably have done more "advertising" than marketing in the past.

From this I have learned a lot though, and one of the main things I have learned is that someone who wants to sell you advertising has little regard for whether it will actually work for you or not!

You can spend a lot of money on advertising that does not find the your target market.

For marketing there is not one best choice as it will always depend on a number of factors relevant to you and your home business, such as:

  • Your budget
  • The time you have to get results
  • Your experience
  • The options that are available to your business - this can depend on the type of business and it's location

  • However one way that is highly recommended for getting home based business leads is referrals or word of mouth.

    Options for Marketing Home Based Business

    Here are a couple of well-known Internet based marketing options.

    However, there are many other options, some of which you can learn about at Fuller-Internet-Marketing.com.


    If you are using the Internet to promote your business, you will not get around Google AdWords.

    When you do a Google Search, the results will display relevant ads (based on the keyword used). They are the ones on the right of the organic results (and sometimes above).

    I have used Google AdWords mainly for testing. It is simple to set up and highly flexible.

    The process is basically this:

  • You write an ad and specify a landing page for it.
  • You choose the keywords you want the ad to appear for.
  • You define who you want to show the ad to (by geographic location).
  • You bid a maximum price you are willing to pay for someone clicking on your ad (you only pay when people click on your ad).
  • You specify your daily budget (once that is reached, your ad will not be shown any more on that day).

    There are more functions (like having multiple ads to test which one works better), but basically this is the process. So very easy to set up and control (you can stop it with a click of the mouse).

    My experience has been that the leads that come through Google AdWords are not that likely to purchase something (or take an action). A lot are just looking (and I am sure some of them are your competitors as well).


    Pretty much the same thing as Google AdWords.

    I have not been using Yahoo Search Marketing long enough yet to know whether it is working for my home business.

    Mainly because I started with Google, and I knew how to use Google, so I stuck with it.


    It is a good idea to do learn about Marketing when marketing home based business so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

    There is also a lot to learn about how to use the Internet and Social Media sites to promote your business.

    Earning Money from Marketing

    If you want to earn money on your site by having Google place advertising/marketing on it, use Google AdSense.

    This is where other advertising from other companies will appear on your site - where you have elected to have them.

    They are somewhat linked to the text around where you have placed them so you need to be sure that they are not competing with your business.

    That is, you do not want another company selling the same product or service as you advertising on your site in competition with your business.

    But there are ways to make it work for you and it can lead to some worthwhile additional income.

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