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Legitimate Home Business

Building a legitimate home business is not only about building an income, it is also about building credibility and a positive business reputation.

Whether your work from home business is perceived as a legitimate home based business is often about how you present your business image, and how you behave in, and towards your business.

The Public Image of your Home Business

Do not give others a chance to pre-judge or underestimate your work by not presenting your best image at all times.

Often the first impression someone gets of your operation, is the only impression they get - so do your utmost to ensure they like what they see.

It is never going to be possible to please everyone, but you should start by setting the highest standard possible so you lose no opportunity through a poor public image.


  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Website
  • Vehicle
  • Advertising
  • Business Premises
  • Your Personal Appearance
  • Telephone Manner
  • Telephone Message
  • Service

    Try to keep the "look" of your business consistent, and always do what you say you are going to do for clients.

    Those two rules will go a long way to ensure a positive public image for your legitimate work from home business.

    Speak Positively About Your Home Business

    I am not into half truths.

    Equally I am not into negative talk.

    If you want others to believe in your product or service, then you need to talk positively about your business at all times.

    It is a reality of life and business that highlighting the negative will ultimately come back to you in a negative way.

    This is not about lying about your business.
    It is about leaving out the bits that aren't working yet, and focusing on the parts you have already developed.
    It is about giving your client, or potential client or referral, confidence in you and the way you operate.
    It is about believing in what you are doing, so that others will too.

    Bad news travels a lot faster than good news. So does negative talk about your business.

    We all know that not everything goes right all the time - just be choosy about who you tell your problems to.

    Keep your public talk about your business positive at all times.

    It Is Never "Just" A Home Business

    Don't sell yourself short.

    Be really aware of how your language can portray an image of your business, and do not fall into the trap of downplaying the work you do.

    This is not the same as talking about business problems.

    This is about projecting an image to others that your home based business is not a big deal. That you "only" work from home. And that it is somehow not the real deal because it is a home business.

    If you allow that sort of talk to start with you, then very quickly others will see your legitimate home business as a "hobby"!

    Partners, children, in-laws, parents, friends - if all those people close to you hear you talking as though your home business is no big deal - then they will begin to treat it as no big deal.

    You run the risk of not being taken seriously. Then you have people dropping in without appointments, asking you to do errands during your precious work time, and assuming you can drop what you are working on when they need you too.... etc etc.

    All of this becomes unscheduled downtime that you could have used to build your business.

    This is quite different to doing those things because you choose to. Choosing to do those things may be why you work from home - but that choice needs to remain with you as much as possible. Or your business really never will get off the ground.

    It is never "just" a home business.... it is a legitimate home business that needs to be treated as such.

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