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Legal Advice
for Home Based Business

It is really important to seek independent legal advice before seriously embarking on any new business venture.

You may feel that running a home business has very little legal risk, but the reality is it is really little different from setting up any business enterprise.

You need to be sure that what you intend to do is legal by seeking appropriate legal advice early on in your planning - and continuing to seek counsel any time you plan to make significant changes to your business.

The full legal implications of what you are doing, plus any recent changes to the law will be highlighted by a law professional.

You can then remove any foreseeable legal risks from your plans, and minimize any risk to you, your business and your finances and assets.

What To Look Out For

It may be that after getting advice from a lawyer, you will need to make some changes to your business and the way you operate.


  • Wording of documents with regard to personal and business liability.
  • Insurance for your business premises (home) and its contents.
  • Insurance for unforeseen complications such as an inability to work, or an employee being injured.
  • Consideration of neighbors - especially important for a home based business.
  • Abiding by regulations set by organizations such as council, local or federal government.
  • Structure your business ownership correctly to best protect your family and personal assets.
  • Protect your idea from copycats and competition.
  • Protect yourself from lawsuits - usually through structure and appropriate insurance.
  • Ensure assets such as Client Lists and Intellectual Property are correctly documented and protected.
  • Leases on buildings or equipment are fair and reasonable - and that if you have any financial difficulties the very means of your income (e.g. specialist equipment) can not be taken away.

  • And the list goes on... Exactly what you need to consider will vary greatly for each business - hence the need to seek appropriate help from a lawyer - preferable one who has experience in the field you are going to be working in.

    These are just a few things you may have to factor into your business plan.

    You will save yourself a lot of time, and potentially money, the sooner you work out the legal ramifications of your actions.

    Homeowners Insurance

    When you set up a home business you need to consider your Insurance requirements.

    This is a really important consideration for many reasons:

  • you have changed the use of your home to a business - and your Insurance Company will probably want to know about that!
  • you need to protect yourself financially in times of sickness or injury.
  • you need to consider the value of your business equipment.
  • and much more...


    Do Your Own Research

    Even with all the professional help you need, at the end of the day, nothing beats doing your own research too.

    You need to feel comfortable talking with the experts you hire about what you are planning. And you need to understand the basics of what you are entering into.

    This doesn't need to be hard work.

    A good rule of thumb when you are researching : if the person / company offering advice will benefit in some way from giving it, you should not just accept the information as correct.

    Sure, we understand that it can still be genuine advice - but it still pays to remain aware. Even good information and advice may not be the right answer for you. An easy way to verify information is to find 3 or more sources, and simply compare notes.

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