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Internet Home Businesses


I can now confidently say that I am running three Internet Home Businesses.

I started out with a fairly traditional home business that required a website.

Once I had set up the website, and I began to better understand internet home businesses, I found that conducting my business almost entirely online was worthwhile and easier!

I still have physical clients, but initial contact primarily comes through from the website. Communication from there may be email, phone, text etc etc - and sometimes results in meeting clients face to face - but equally I have never personally met many of my clients.


The second Internet home business is actually this site. It is the playing field where I learnt to use Site Build It more comprehensively as this business was different to my first one (which is still operating successfully) - as the Home Based Business Hub is entirely online.

This second business was a realization that having a home based business was not only something I really loved, but also that I had skills, experience and knowledge that could really help others.

In the process I realized that there are certain things that I really enjoy doing and that I am good at.
Others I had to drag myself to do.

And as you may well know from other pages, I want to do the things I enjoy doing.

Here is some further help with researching your home based internet business idea.

To Run Internet Home Businesses
You May Need A Team

As a starting point it is good to do some reading to get a feel for how your online home business might work.

I have really enjoyed learning about online business myself, as well as doing the legwork. But this might not fit your situation or the way you prefer to do things.

There are many ways to "contract out" the work and still end up with a very good result.


You may wish to try using a writer to partner with, to produce the site.

I wanted this to be my own business, not a partnership - and I felt confident to write the site content myself.

If you decide to pay a writer you could try Elance.com

By hiring a writer on a contract basis the ownership and content of the site will remain yours.

Using a hired writer can save you time as well as help with inspiration when you need it - and a combination of doing it yourself and getting help is also an option.

I had to research the topic for the most lucrative keywords (all possible through the Site Build It package), and then I decided on a site structure.

I started writing, and I produced the first few pages.


My next step was to investigate using a graphic designer to give the website a great look and feel.

I should have done that before I actually started producing, but I did not have the guts to spend more money.

I do realize that it should be about the very best quality - but I am big on "value for money" - and that can be pretty subjective when you don't have much money for your project!

In the end I was happy with the template design options offered by SBI (the company I use for my websites).

And by learning some programming language along the way it is possible to "personalize" the look of my site to my liking.


A programmer is the next possible member of the team.

An advantage is that they can translate the web-design into robust html code that can be used as a template for each page.

I know that a lot of people offer both (web-design and coding), but I have found that they are usually great in one area, but not the other. So you may need to co-ordinate between them for the best outcome.

Personally though, I find the templates for building a web page on SBI very easy to use. Combine this with a great site I found that helps me with html programming language when I need it - and I think I have it made!


  • The ability to carry out really detailed research before actually investing much.
  • Investigating on a broad level for the best topic, and on a more micro level for the individual keywords that promise to provide the best outcomes.
  • A system that automates a lot of the technical tasks that are necessary in getting a site to rank well with the search engines.

  • With Site Build It, I've got that.

    Affiliate Marketing

    There are some great opportunities to earn money online as an Affiliate (promoting and selling ideas and products for other people on your site).

    Affilorama introduces you to a large number of affiliate choices as well as educating you along the way.


    The third of my internet home businesses came about in an entirely different way to the others, as I paid for an established site that was in it's early stages.

    Again it was an SBI site - so I knew that I would be able to easily pick up the necessary running and improvement of the site.

    It was also on a topic that personally interested me - Natural Skin Care - and one that I felt passionate about developing further.

    You are welcome to have a look for yourself...


    Natural skin care recipes, skin remedies and home remedies are our specialty. The best natural and organic skin care information.

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