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Internet Home Based Business Idea

Everyone seems to be trying their luck online with their Internet Home Based Business Idea.

This is great in a lot of ways, particularly as it encourages entrepreneurship and can be a reasonably low risk way to get business experience.

One of the big risks, however, is that you can waste a lot of time and energy because you really don't know what you are doing!

Where To Start

For me, the starting point was finding something that I knew and understood well enough to promote online.

Then it became a question of "Was I really interested enough to develop a business around it?"

What Next?

I also knew enough to know that I didn't know very much about setting up and operating an internet home based business!

Some people may see this as a bit silly, but I actually see it as smart - because if you don't know what you don't know; then how can you fix it!

So I set about finding out what I didn't know.

Getting Help

I am all for getting the answer the fastest way possible. I am not after a sub-standard answer, but I don't see any point in re-inventing the wheel.

Plus when I started out online I was building a local home based business while using the internet to find clients. So my main focus wasn't learning how to build a website, but rather how to use a website to build my business.

And this actually continues to be my focus. Others may choose to learn more and then go on to build websites for others - another good source of income. But my business commitment remains building a strong home based business income - leading to both personal and financial freedoms.

The Result

I learned a lot through advice and information, but I also learned a lot through trial and error as I did build the website myself - using an easy process of templates.

I learned enough to be able to update and change my site on my own using the templates. Then I taught myself some HTML programming language to allow me to trial ideas as I had them.

From beginnings as a novice I know feel comfortable operating online businesses, and trying new technology and ideas.

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