Internet Based Home Business

Of all the options, an internet based home business is probably the most exciting and misunderstood option for home based business.

Even if you are more inclined to run a traditional service business from home or a home based sales business, there is hardly a way around the Internet today.

Great Opportunities

Great Opportunities

The Internet continues to get better as more tools become available for local and home businesses to harness its' power.

What is often second nature for many younger people, being able to do business online is bringing great rewards for all ages who choose to learn and make use of it.

Online business also brings in the advantages of work from home, being mobile and able to take your work with you, alongside contracting out parts of our business (such as warehousing and stock management).

These benefits are particularly great if you wish to travel, have young children at home, or even have elderly relatives to take care of.

In a typical Internet Based Home Business you make money through one of three ways, which are outlined below. is a coaching site for small business and here is their list of the most profitable small business ideas.

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Perhaps you are considering setting up an online home business?
This is a great way of starting a home based business, and it is often possible to do this while continuing with your existing job or business.

As with any business it is not always plain sailing. Time, energy and commitment are just as valuable for an online business as they are with any new venture.

And with any venture - the rewards are there if you put the work in.
Just remember that good things take time, and an online business is no exception - it just has many advantages that can work incredibly well with your chosen lifestyle!

Typical Internet Based Home Business

Typical Internet Based Home Business

You will find hundreds of possibilities of what you can do on the Internet.

But all opportunities basically come down to 3 ways of earning money:

  • 1. You sell your own products or services.
    - you can do this by selling directly to the customer yourself.
    - or you can arrange for your product or service to be sold on other websites
    - or you can have a drop shipping arrangement where the items are stored at a central location and the order is dispatched from there.
  • 2. You receive a commission by selling other peoples products or services.


    - one version of this is referred to as AFFILIATE MARKETING.
    - you can do this with an extremely large number of products and services.
    - essentially your website acts as the advertising platform for someone else's product or service.
    - you receive a % or commission for every sale generated from the link on your website.
    - it is possible to keep track of traffic that has come from your website and ends with a sale for your Affiliate.
    - you need to research appropriate Affiliate Marketing programs and apply to be an Affiliate.
  • Here is a site that has a large number Affiliate possibilities. DROP SHIPPING

    - DROP SHIPPING is another way to sell products online.
    - the products are not usually yours, they are available for you to advertise on your website.
    - you do not carry stock, it is warehoused by a 3rd party
    - you receive a commission for each sale, and the warehouse arranges the shipping
    - your client will pay for the goods, and the drop-ship company and the owner of the goods gets paid before any items are sent
  • Here is a drop shipping site that you may find helpful.
  • 3. You get paid by people who want to advertise.
    - this is a fairly simple way to bringing in revenue, and one of the most well-known programs is Google Adsense.
    - Adsense is a 3rd party that connects you with advertisers - Google Adwords is the program you use if you want to have your product/service advertised elsewhere
    - there are other similar programs available.
    - it is also possible to get advertisers yourself. This will require a bit more work on your part, but if your site is getting good traffic then there is no reason you could not work on this. Often these 3 ways of earning money are combined. Return to Top of Page


    The better you get at these, the more success you will have:

  • Generating targeted traffic.
  • Building trusting relationships. As I write this I am amazed at how simple it sounds. Return to Top of Page

  • Tools Do Not Replace Quality

    Tools Do Not Replace Quality

    The Internet offers thousands of tools that promise to generate targeted traffic and build trusting relationships.

    What often seems to be forgotten is quality.

    Any home based business can only succeed long-term if it continuously delivers solutions that surpass peoples expectations.

    So in a way, the Internet is not a business opportunity. It is only a tool that has some fantastic advantages over other forms of marketing.

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    Advantages of Internet Based Home Business

    Advantages of Internet Based Home Business

    A lot of people talk about the financial freedom that the Internet provides.

    You have to like working with a computer, otherwise it can be pretty restrictive to spend your time in front of a screen, typing all day.

    The biggest advantage I see is that the Internet dissolves space. Suddenly it does not matter any more where your clients are. They can find you just as readily, no matter whether they are next door or on the other side of the globe.

    That brings new challenges of course: how can you provide solutions that work country-wide or world-wide?

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  • - fast, efficient and from the comfort of their own home.

  • FOR ME:
  • - efficient, safe and from the comfort of my own home.

    I am very excited about using the Internet for my home based business.

    My first website was targeted at local Clients. I had realized how to provide a solution for my target market over the Internet. Now I have clients across the country. Most of the them I have never met.

    The legalities of this business prevent me from easily operating world-wide, but I still reach a much bigger client base nation-wide than I could without the Internet.

    However, my second and third internet home businesses are very much "world-wide", and I really enjoying communicating with people from many different situations and backgrounds.

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