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Income Protection Insurance
Why Your Home Business Needs It

Income Protection Insurance is essential if you work from home and are a self-employed business owner or contractor.

You are your Income.

That is often the bottom line for work at home business owners.

Whether you own your own business, or contract out to another company, if you do not work, then there is no income!

Why Income Protection Insurance for a Home Business?

Life will always bring surprises and unforeseen circumstances.

If your income is affected unexpectedly it may not take long before you are in financial trouble.

Most of us have mortgages, business loans and general day to day expenses that rely on our regular business income.

By investing in the appropriate Insurance you are safeguarding yourself, and your home business, against financial hardship caused by circumstances beyond your control.

When you have a home based business you do not have someone else to take care of these things for you. It is up to you to organize the right protection for all your hard work.

Health Insurance, Life Insurance or Income Protection Insurance
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What Should I Do?

One of the best things you can do is to find a reputable Insurance Broker.

You might start by asking around business associates.

Ask them
- who they use
- how they find them to deal with
- any problems they may have had
- why they like using them

Alternatively you may choose to interview several possible Insurance Brokers.

Insurance is such a specialized area.

Not only should the Broker understand the policies they are promoting or recommending, but they also need to understand you, and your personal, financial and business situation.

Generally a good Insurance Broker will have a checklist for you to work through, that gets you thinking about all the areas you need to consider for your Insurance.

You may not be able to afford all the cover you would ideally like, but with their help you can then work out the most critical areas that need to be looked after first.

Thought about Income Protection Insurance
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