"Build your home business and give yourself choices"

A Home Party Plan Business
is More Fun Than Work!

A home party plan business is perfect if you want to earn some extra money! Just choose one that is right for your personality.










Who Throws the Party?

Almost all party plan businesses are aimed at women. This plays on the fact that women love to get together, talk, and shop! (Ok, perhaps a bit stereotypical but for the most part true... and I am not trying to be offensive at all.)

These parties are perfect for social gatherings.

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A home based party plan business allows income and lifestyle.

A home party plan business can be a very flexible and rewarding home business opportunity.
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Party plans can work well for both men and women. It just does seem that up until now most home party plan businesses are geared for women to sell to women.

Perhaps this is a missed home based business opportunity? The type of product you sell, and the way it is presented may be all the difference between your target markets.

Party plans are a great way to schedule your work at times that work best for you. Whether it is around family life, other work commitments, your partners commitments or your clients schedules - it is generally possible to make the schedule fit with your requirements.

You will have to like people. You will need to hone your sales skills, and not be afraid to use them face to face. And you will need to be prepared to be knocked back.

Just remember that party plans are still a very legitimate business opportunity.

Two Approaches are Possible

  • You run the party plans as a home based business. Your task is to find people who want to invite their friends for a party. You then host the home party plan at their place and earn a commission from the sales.

  • Or you invite your own friends to a party at your place. Someone else demonstrates the products and services. Usually you receive a gift, but no commission. So this is not so much a home business but more of a lead into your party plan business.

  • Keep in mind too that this approach to selling could be the perfect way to market and sell your own products.
    For example your handmade jewelry or art/craft business.

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    Keeping Your Customers

    There is also the opportunity for further sales after the party if you make sure you collect names and contact details of the guests.

    They should have already had a positive experience of you and the products you are selling, so half the work is already done - don't waste it!

    You will need to get their permission to make further contact, such as email newsletters, but this is a really easy way to grow your customer base.

    Make good use of existing customer information, it will save you time and money looking for new clients for your home based party plan business.

    If you set up a database it should be very simple to promote products and upcoming parties to a large number of people.

    You do not want to bombard people with pushy sales pitches, but use a more gentle approach of keeping them informed.

    Make every experience they have of you and your business a positive experience. Keep them in the information loop, and you never know when it will pay off in sales with them and/or their friends and family.

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    Types of Party Plan Businesses

    The options are expanding every day as the number and type of home party plan companies grows.

    Exactly who offers which type of business in your country will vary - so do your research to find the companies for each type of product in your country. Or start your own home based party plan business!

    Some of the more well known party plans are:

  • Kitchen / Housewares : Such as Tupperware which is still popular, but the party plan business has gone way beyond the Tupperware parties of our mother’s day. There are now many other party plan businesses that cater to every kitchen need.
  • Lingerie - these are most popular with women, particularly for events such as a girls night out or a bridal shower.
  • Make Up - selling make up this way has been around for decades, such as Avon. There is real potential to build a regular client base of repeat clientele. Research the products as much as the company selling them to be sure you are happy with their performance.
  • Jewelry Home Parties, including the possibility of using this type of Plan to sell your own creations.
  • Art & Craft
  • Books & Toys: These parties cater to our love for our children and grandchildren. They often include arts and craft supply parties and children’s book parties. While they are not exclusively geared towards children, a large part of their market does cater for children (and their parents).
  • Adult Themes : There are even parties that are geared towards enhancing sexual pleasure. As with all of these options, this will not suit everyone. You need to choose an area to work in that you are comfortable with.

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    There are a few rules of etiquette when throwing a home based party for a party plan business.

    It is important not to overwhelm potential guests with lots of invitations. They may feel that their money is valued more than their friendship.

    There should always be a lot of comfortable seats and the hostess should supply food and drinks.

    This sets the right atmosphere for everyone to have a great time and spend some money!

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    The Benefits

    There are benefits behind every party plan business. In most cases, the hostess is given either a discount or free products based on how much money everyone else spends.

    The companies that offer these parties reward their employees with free products and bonuses for the amount of money they bring in at any given event. These benefits are in addition to the benefit of getting together with friends to have a great time!

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    Running a Home Based Party Plan Business

    Running a home based party-plan business is easy. It is a simple matter of finding one that is interesting and contacting the company.

    The company will supply materials and help set up advertising.

    Advertising begins with word of mouth. Tell friends and family about the new business and set up some parties.

    The next step is to set up a web site. Everyone with a business has their own web site and this is no different.

    People will then call to set up appointments.

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    The home based party plan business has something for everyone. The different types of parties make it so that anyone can earn money easily while they have a great time doing it!

    One of the best pieces of advice I can give you about party plans is that they can be really successful if you are ambitious.

    Take advantage of all the help and experience on offer through the network of the organization you choose.

    Keep in mind though, that this is not for everyone and you need to consider right from the outset whether the challenge is big enough for you. Once you have mastered the products, the art of selling, how to maximize your profits and you have a good regular client base - are there any rules of your home based party plan business that could restrict your growth in the future?

    And finally, in this age of fast pace and easy access to the internet, you need to really understand why a customer would choose your way of doing business.

    You need to make sure that your service and the party itself offer a reason for busy people to use you.

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    Extend Your Business Research


  • Get an insight into the core habits needed to build a successful party plan business. Learn from mistakes already made, and start earning sooner.

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