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Home Business Magazine

A home business magazine might be an opportunity for you, especially if you have sales, marketing and/or publication industry experience.

Contrary to the predictions about digital completely replacing the physical such as paper, it is yet to happen and there are still times when a printed copy is desirable.

I have personally seen three good examples where an individual has been able to build a home based business magazine from nothing!  You will learn more about this as you get further down the page.

It doesn't have to be a magazine about home business; although this may be an idea in itself.

You just need to find a niche area that you can create a magazine for, and go from there.

Your Home Business Magazine Target Market

Identifying your target market is very important before you really get started.

  • Who do you think will read this home business magazine?
  • Why do you think they will read it?
  • Where are you most likely to find these ideal people?
  • Where / how should you promote your magazine to your target market?

Once you know who you are looking for as readers, then you need to think about the next stage.

  • What will attract them to pick up and take your magazine away with them?
  • What will they get out of it that will encourage them to promote it with positive word of mouth?
  • What will make them come back next time?


  • There is a glossy publication for tourist attractions and activities in the region where I live.  It was started from scratch by an entrepreneur who is familiar with both the publishing and tourist industries.  It was quite easy for him to work out both his target market and how he was going to get his magazine to the right places.  Perhaps it is just that simple.

You will also need to think about potential advertisers.

  • What will they gain from working with you?
  • How will you give them confidence to buy advertising?
  • Why would they choose you over every other idea and choice on offer?

This is not necessarily a situation where you are selling the publication - although that is a possibility too. 

You will most likely be making money from advertisers, but ideas and opportunities change so never completely discount an idea that will bring in income.

Finding willing readers and getting the magazine to them is essential for your success, and the satisfaction and success of your advertisers.

Advertising Sales

Advertising sales will be one of the main sources of income.

You will need to be able to sell your concept to other business owners so they will confidently invest in advertising in your magazine.

The first time may well be the hardest, and the success or otherwise of the first publication will lay the foundation moving forward.


It may be necessary to find a suitable printer that can work with you on time frames, and your budget.

Not all printers are created equal!

It may also be possible to print it yourself depending on what your vision of the final product is.


  • I know of a simple publication, distributed nationwide, that is printed at home on brown recycled paper.  The paper and the method of printing both fit with the desired image and target market.  So in this instance, it makes sense to do it this way (and keep costs down as well).

Another consideration is whether you need to print at all.  Maybe your opportunity is an online home based magazine?


Think about the places you want it to be available.

  • Will it require negotiations with the owners of the premises?  Most business owners want to protect their image and reputation so courtesy and a well-presented item go a long way.
  • Is it somewhere that people from your target market frequent?

Think about how you will distribute your magazine.

  • How will you get it there? 
  • Are you going to pay for distribution from the outset?
  • Or will you distribute it yourself until such time as your numbers increase?
  • Do you know of a product that is already distributed to the same places that you could team up with?

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