"Build your home business and give yourself choices"

Home Business Advertising Choices

Home business advertising has changed a lot in recent years, and continues to change, due to the popularity and accessibility of the internet.

But don't restrict yourself to the Internet. Life does not totally revolve around the Internet, so there are still other valid avenues to promote your business.

Internet Advertising

Advertising on the internet is a key part of the advertising strategy of any business - whether it is an online or offline business - or both.

Advertising methods need to change with the times, and it is important to ensure your home business advertising and marketing plan includes an online presence.

Having your own website is only the first step.

Finding potential clients online could also include advertising techniques such as web banner advertising on other relevant websites.

The relevance of the website not only relates to its' content, but also to the target audience the website may have in common with your business.

The great thing I find about online home business advertising is the ability for some trial and error without costing a huge amount of money.

If you have ever advertised in printed material, such as the Yellow Pages, local newspaper, or local business directory, you will know that this becomes expensive very quickly.

Particularly for publications that are renewed annually. With a printed book it is pretty hard to update it monthly, weekly or even daily! (Actually impossible). So you are stuck with the cost of a years advertising from the very start.

So then what if the ad is ineffective? What if it doesn't target the right market for you business after all? What if your business changes and develops during that year?
You can not go back and amend the printed ad or its target market.

But with online advertising you can. All of that IS possible. Trial and error are very much a part of the success of online advertising - not to mention you can spend as much or as little as you like, as often as you like, without much trouble at all.

Print Advertising

Despite what I say in "My Personal Viewpoint" about Print Advertising, there are still times, locations, circumstances and businesses that can still benefit from Printed ads.

You just need to work out what is the best approach for your home business advertising, and gives a valid return for your money.

Remember that whoever is selling you home business advertising is always going to think it will benefit your business!

Other Home Business Advertising Ideas

There are literally thousands of opportunities to advertise your business, and many tried and true methods will still work for your home business.


  • Sponsor An Event - whether it is a Festival, a Horse Race or a Community Event there are many opportunities to pay for the publicity of an Event. If this is the right approach to grow your business, then the next obvious question will be "How much money should I spend?".

  • Sponsor A Sports Team - it might be the local school team or your budget may allow you to work with a National team - whichever one you choose there is good exposure to be had from helping a sports team with a donation in exchange for your home business advertising.

  • Naming Rights - the difference with this and sponsoring is that you generally get naming rights to a physical location for a set period of time. e.g. Your Business Name on the local Sports Stadium for a year, for a set fee. If you have naming rights then every time the Venue is mentioned they will also mention your business.

  • Flyers - good old-fashioned letterbox drops can be very cost effective if they reach your target market directly. If you can spend the time and do this yourself it will also make this a good value exercise.

  • Signs - when you are a home business you many not want to have a sign at the front gate, but you could arrange to have a sign for your business somewhere else. High traffic areas frequented by your target market are the ideal - keep in mind that most areas have rules around where you can erect signage.

  • Bumper Stickers, Magnets, Pens, Hats - all of these merchandise type products are readily available and can be a way to permanently have your business name in peoples homes and work places. There are many variations of the ideas suggested above. You just need to get creative with your ideas and your advertising money to make sure you get maximum benefit from dollars spent.

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  • Monthly Fee: $NZ12.00 excluding GST
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  • Monthly Fee: $NZ7.50 excluding GST
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