"Build your home business and give yourself choices"

Home Based Work;
Home Business or Home Based Job

There are many advantages to home based work, whether you are running a home business or doing a home based job.

There will be reasons why you are investigating options for working from home.

Generally there is a driving factor that pushes many people to work out how to base themselves, and their work, from home.

Something that you may not have considered is how future changes to your life and family might benefit from home based work.

If you believe you can solve current and future problems by getting yourself into productive, profitable home based work - then surely it is time to get started investigating whether it is the answer for you.

There are also many lifestyle benefits to working from home;

Why Are You Looking for Home Based Work?

Often there are turning points in our lives that trigger our search for different work and income options.


  • Shifting to a new location - new location, new start? Maybe your new place is too far from you usual work choices and it is better to get home based work.

  • The arrival of children into the family - this may be for your first child, or for further children. Each child changes the dynamic of the home, and often the work situation.
    This is also true if you are a grandparent who has taken on the responsibility of caring for young grandchildren.

  • Health issues - minor or major health issues can cause you to rethink your home and work situation. It may be you, your partner, your children or extended family - whoever it is, when you experience ill health it quickly challenges you to think hard about your work and lifestyle.
    Having sick children can rapidly translate into guilt for time off work, and the need to catch up at work - this problem is lessened, if not eliminated, when you work from home.

  • The need for a new challenge - perhaps you have been doing the same thing long enough, or it isn't giving you the financial returns you desire.

    What About the Future?

    It is one thing to live a certain lifestyle, and maintain a certain schedule, when you are fit, young and healthy - as are those around you.

    But you should always consider the future, and whether what you are doing now will be sustainable if anything changes. It is also important to reassess, at time, whether you are still enjoying what you do.

    Perhaps you should think about some of the triggers mentioned above, and consider if you are planning adequately in the good times, for those times that are not so good, or when you are more restricted in your work and home choices.


  • Could your current work be done from home if you needed to work from home?

  • Do you have a business idea that you could start now, and build up in your spare time? This may not replace all of your current income initially, but you could be well on the way before you actually need to.

  • Are you investing some of what you earn now to build passive income for the future? Again, this would be a big help if you found that you needed, or wanted, to begin working from home.

  • Could you be studying to give yourself opportunities for the future? A new home based career or business?

  • If you couldn't do what you are doing now, what would you choose instead?

  • Do you have the right protections in place? Good Insurance protection will help you protect what you have worked hard for, during the times you are not working.

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    Work At Home Mom / Mum (WAHM).

    Some Benefits I Have Experienced

    Here are a few of the benefits I have personally experienced in my life, that are a direct result of working from home:

  • Being able to attend school activities during the day
  • No guilt when family members are sick and I can not do a full day at the "office"
  • Being able to do a full day at the office even when family members are at home sick
  • Attending school camps while still remaining in touch with my business when required
  • Going on holiday, and my clients would never know, and being able to continue to work on the essentials
  • Getting the laundry in when it starts to rain!
  • Preparing the evening meal during my lunch break if I am expecting a busy afternoon with work or family
  • Attending family occasions during a work day/week, such as funerals, birthdays, weddings, mid-winter Christmas lunch, farewells. Sure I may have to catch up on work later on, but I did not have to get permission to take time out, or feel guilty about not being at work.
  • Doing the grocery shopping, or any shopping really, during off-peak times to make it more time efficient and less stressful.
  • Time to attend to my garden during the sunny daylight hours - especially in the winter - and then doing my indoor business work when it is cold, dark and / or raining.
  • Being able to drop everything when a family member became seriously ill and had to go to hospital.
  • Being able to continue working even when I had a leg injury - no travelling to work - lovely comfortable surroundings to rest my leg while recuperating and still working.

    These are just a few examples of how it is possible to make home based work fit with your family and lifestyle choices.

    I am not saying it is always easy or perfect - but the flexibility is the key.

    You can adjust your work schedule to fit your life - rather than adjust your life to fit your work...

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