Beyond the Home Based Stuffing Envelope Business

Everyone has seen the ads for a home based stuffing envelope business. These generally require that workers literally stuff and seal envelopes with any number of different generic letters and junk mail.

The legitimacy of these businesses is often questioned. If it sounds too good to be true, is it? Envelope stuffing work from home? Sometimes it is.









How Does It Work?

In a home based stuffing envelope business, the risk is usually placed on the worker.

You copy a formatted letter, “stuff” it in an envelope and send it to friends or anyone in a phone book. Profit is purportedly made if an individual responds to the letter.

These letters are often viewed as chain letters. They are illegal in most countries.

Those who set up these businesses (criminals) are usually the ones that benefit from your hard work and time.

Starting a stuffing envelope business may require a fee in order to start the business. Firstly you would want to find no fee envelope stuffing jobs. However, some, if not a majority, of these are scams.

Logically, any respectable company would use a machine to stuff envelopes. These are much faster, more reliable and cheaper. Why would they need you to do this repetitive task?

So, if you are looking to work from home, then consider going beyond the stuffing envelope from home.

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Typing Ads on the Internet

You may have heard of people making a small income from typing ads on the Internet.

This usually requires that you become an affiliate of another business and purchase a “how to” guide. It is then your responsibility to type the ads and have them placed in free or paid ad directories.

Income is made on commission. That is, you are only paid for those ads that make sales.

In the paid ad directories, you pay out of pocket to have the ads included. These fees can add up quickly and do not guarantee a return.

Ads placed in free directories do not usually generate enough interest to warrant the time you put into it.

Is this a profitable venture? Is this worth your time and energy if you want to work from home?

Typing ads on the Internet does not guarantee a return on your out of pocket expenses. Money is made only if your ads garner sales. So it will probably not fulfill you. Unless of course you are a copy writer genius. But then you can earn more for your time.

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The "Paid To" Community

The “paid to” community consists of literally hundreds of web sites operated by hundreds of different people.

These sites are the ones that pay you to read your e-mail. Those people advertising on the web site send out these e-mails. Simply click and earn money.

The reader generally has to keep the e-mail open for a certain amount of time in order to receive credit. There is a timer on most e-mails. The money earned is usually less than a cent per e-mail.

However, someone with the time can make some extra cash.

These communities also offer paid to click banners, paid to sign up options, and referral programs. Many of these sites can be quite fun, but it takes someone with patience to make enough money. However it can be done.

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Using Talents to Start a Home Based Business

The home based stuffing envelope business requires no specific skills. However, there are ways to turn your talents into cash through the Internet.

Someone with a talent for writing can find several sites online that offer small amounts for well-written articles.

Others can make money through blogging.

Someone with an eye for graphic design can make money on sites that offer to print original designs onto items such as tee shirts, mugs, and mouse pads. They will take the design and apply it to the item as well as ship it for a small amount of the proceeds.

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Alternative to the Home Based Stuffing Envelope Business

Don’t get sucked into the home based stuffing envelope business if you are in need of cash.

If you have the time and are in a bind for money, there are more lucrative ways to solve your money woes.

  • Go through your ongoing expenses and see what you can do without.
  • Search your home for those things you don’t need and can sell. Using Ebay, the biggest online auction and shopping website, is a quick, easy and cheap way to sell your unwanted items.
  • Use the time you have bought yourself to formulate a plan on how to solve your money crisis.

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Paid Online Surveys

Many people are sitting at home on their computers all day. Sometimes, when they visit a web site, an ad or a pop up will catch their attention. These will offer paid online surveys.

Are these for real? Once again, the answer is sometimes.

There are legitimate companies that offer paid surveys, but these companies do not need to rely on pop ups in order to find contributors.

Find more information about Paid Online Surveys.

It is not possible to make a full-time living through paid online surveys. However, the extra income can help to pay the bills. This is certainly going to offer an alternative to the home based stuffing envelope business.

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A home based stuffing envelope business is usually not worth the time and effort involved. In many cases, these are scams with little hope of making a profit.

Consider your unique talents before choosing a particular home based business. This may well lend to a more profitable business venture.

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