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Making Money with a Home Based Jewelry Business

includes all HandMade and Artistic Creations

A home based jewelry business is a wonderful way to turn a talent or passion into a money-making opportunity.

Since the talent, creativity and passion are already there, it is just a matter of setting up the business to start your path to success.

You can also apply these principles to almost any other kind of handmade, artistic creation such as glass, pottery, sculpture, painting, weaving, quilts, clothing... the list goes on.

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  • Where to Begin

    Any home based business needs to have some edge that will set it apart from others (well every business needs this really).

    For a home based jewelry business this is usually done either through different creative designs and signature pieces, or through unique materials used to create the jewelry.

    However there are always many different ways to make an idea work, and it may be your unique way of operating that gives you the edge.

    Perhaps you have a talent for fostering good business relationships so may be able to act as an agent, gallery or online representative for other artists. Or maybe you have access to jewelry at wholesale prices that you can on-sell.

    There are always many different ways to approach the same basic idea and turn it into your own personal success.

    How to Make Jewelry Made Easy
    Learn how to make bead jewelry the easy way! Find step by step jewelry making instructions, get tips on how to sell jewelry and ask questions on how to make and sell handcrafted jewelry!
    Find out how to make jewelry, and sell it, at Making-Beaded-Jewelry.com

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    What Else Will I Need?

    Selling your jewelry may require extra items. It is not just a matter of making it and selling it.


  • What do I need to make my jewelry and where will I get it from? Local supplier? Online supplier? National? International?
    Here is an example of an online Bead Supplier.

  • Will I get some components ready made? Or will I make everything from scratch?
    This is a helpful resource for jewelry making supplies, including Swarovski crystals.

  • How will I get my home based jewelry business items to the sales point?

  • Do I need to protect them along the way from damage?

  • Do they need to be secure at all times? Or just sometimes?

  • How will I display them if I am selling them at a market or similar?

  • If someone else is selling them for me, or on my behalf, what will they need for transport, display, packaging?

  • Am I going to sell from my home base as well, and does this require additional set-up or security?

  • When someone buys something what do I want to send my goods away in? A brown paper bag? A personalized bag with my logo and company name? A cloth bag? Always with a business card inside?

  • How will I give my customer a receipt?

  • Will I offer the option of gift wrapping?

  • If I am posting items from my home based jewelry business what packaging will I need to send and protect them?

  • Will the items need to be tracked en route?

  • Do I need printed promotional material?

  • What signage would a home based jewelry business need?

  • And anything else you can think of as you work your way through how your home based jewelry business and its' sales process will work...

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    Creating jewelry is both personal and creative. A home based jewelry business often caters to a niche market, but with the internet and the resurgence of many local markets there are many opportunities to find customers.

    Another successful way to sell your jewelry is in boutique stores. This may be by way of commission to the store for displaying and selling your products. Or it may be that they choose to purchase your products directly and then on-sell them.

    Whether you are making expensive top end jewelry, or more affordable pieces, it is possible to work from home.

    Security could be an additional factor at your home as jewelry has long been an easy to handle and desirable item in burglaries. Discretion will also be important.

    As with any business that trades in items of value, you need to ensure your home business premises are secure, and that your Insurance is appropriate.


    Every business needs proper advertising.

  • One of the best (and easiest) ways to advertise a home based jewelry business is to wear the jewelry, and ask friends and family to wear the jewelry and tell other people about it.

    Word of mouth is one of the cheapest of most effective ways to advertise.

  • Business cards are also a most basic necessity. Make sure all your clients and potential clients have some. That way they can easily pass them on. And if they like what you sell they can find you again too.

    Making and selling your own jewelry is a really popular choice for home business owners. The whole concept seems to fit really well with working from home.

    However, you will need to be really aware of your target market, what products sell well, and your point of difference, to make this a financially successful business.

    Don't get me wrong. Jewelry is always hugely popular, but you need to be business smart. Just because you like what you are doing, and love your product, doesn't mean you will automatically find enough other people who also like what you are doing, to make the sales you need.

    There are many ways to advertise. You may find you need to use some traditional ways and some unique ways that are individualized to your jewelry business.


  • traditional/established methods - such as flyers, signs, local newsletters, newspapers...
  • as well as newer and more innovative methods - such as a website, Google Advertising, Facebook, Twitter...


  • Not every method will suit your business, and not every method will suit your business all of the time. Remember to regularly reassess the advertising needs for your home based jewelry business to keep the advertising current, effective and value for your money.

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    It is important to set a target audience for your jewelry business. Ask yourself questions to make sure you fully understand who would buy your product. Put yourself in their shoes to better understand what would fill their need and why.

  • Who will my business cater to? Women, men, children, teenagers, a particular culture or religion, high end clients, location e.g. tourists, engaged couples, a particular age group, a hobby or interest group?
    For example, this site is solely about Men's Jewelry.
  • How much will the jewelry sell for? Will it be expensive, cheap, affordable, exclusive, unique? Will it contain precious gems or stones, gold, silver, handmade beads?
    There are many ways to present and market your jewelry such as this great Gemstone website.
  • Will I sell it exclusively myself or will I arrange for galleries, other websites, agents to sell it for me too?
    It may be a physical store or gallery or it could be an online gallery or agency. Once this has been decided, it is easier to target the advertising towards the right target audience. A home based jewelry business does not need to be operated entirely from the home. While the jewelry is made in the home, it can often be necessary and even prosperous to venture outside the home to sell the jewelry. KEEPING UP WITH THE TIMES
  • It is also really important to understand where your home based jewelry business and your products fit in the ever changing world.
  • If you are selling timeless, classic or vintage pieces then it is not always so important to be aware of changing trends but things still do change. For example, diamonds have been extremely popular as engagement rings for the last few years, but the Royal Wedding in England reignited the popularity of Diamond and Sapphire rings.
  • If your product is modern, and in particular it is desirable with youth and/or the fashion conscious then it is essential to keep up to date and informed about trend changes.
  • Sometimes it is as simple as keeping tabs on a few websites and magazines that are aimed at your target market.
    This site is solely all about Earrings!

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  • Create a Torrent of Warm Inbound Calls and E-mail
    IF You Can Represent It, You Can Sell It On The Net

    Develop your own Jewelry Sales site
    with help and support to succeed

    Where to Sell

  • A lot of business can be generated through a website. But there is more to it than just putting up a website. You also have to draw interested people to you (traffic).

  • It is also a good idea to sell the jewelry at craft fairs and other events that offer the chance to sell homemade goods. Jewelry is often quite popular at these events.

  • Another great idea is to bring jewelry to local stores that sell handmade crafts. If they are interested then they may be willing to sell the jewelry for a small percent of the profits.

  • If the jewelry is of exceptional quality, then consider approaching buyers from larger stores such as department stores.

  • If the jewelry is aimed at a younger crowd, then approach stores that cater to that age group.

  • Another avenue you may consider establishing is the use of a party plan. Party plan businesses have been operating successfully for many years, and there is nothing stopping you from developing your own to help your home based jewelry business.
    You can learn more about Home Party Plans here.

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    A home based jewelry business is perfect for someone that has the talent and the drive to succeed!

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    What and Where Will Your Jewelry Sell Best?


  • Jewelry is very personal to both the creator and the purchaser. By better understanding your target market you will also better understand where and how to sell them.

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