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Home Based Internet Business

If you are looking for a home based internet business then SBI is a fantastic system that builds websites that work ( SBI).

Home-Based-Business-Hub was my second Internet project in which I use SBI . And I am blown away by how well it works and how easy it is to use.

But - as always in life, there is a but - I often feel as though I do not have enough time to write content.

And so it is always this weight dragging on me, saying: You've got to write about this for the website.

Do What You Enjoy - but sometimes you have to do what is necessary...

I want to spend my time doing what I enjoy, so whenever I come across areas that I do not enjoy, I search for better solutions.

What if I partnered up with a writer who produced content for a website? And then I look after the production, marketing and monetization.

There are thousands of writers who are trying to get published, there must be some who are happy to be published on the Internet but do not want to learn any of the technical or analytical stuff that is necessary?

I really don't know if this concept would have worked because the reality for me (and most of us) is that I generally default to my "natural" work methods. I step back into my comfort zone.

Sure, I may be doing something new and exciting, but I also will tend to organize and operate it in a way that is "familiar" to me.

Plus, when you only have a small budget for a new project... you tend to have to do a lot of the groundwork yourself. And I wasn't prepared to give away the fruits of my ideas just because I didn't always enjoy the writing...

Research Whether There Is A Market

The idea excites me, it is something that brings me closer to my vision of life and all that is left to do is to find out whether there is a market for it.

How am I doing that? I googled "writer forum" and found a few. After reading anything that was related to non-traditional publishing, I posted my idea and asked some specific questions.

The first answers came back, mainly from writers who are publishing on the Internet already, with some apprehension as to the viability of this project and a lack of understanding what I really meant (a big lesson for me).

So while the idea was not totally worthless, it was proving to be harder than I imagined. Perhaps this was my first taste of the reality that the internet is not a "get rich quick scheme" as it may have first seemed... And that hard work was required...

Read and Seek Fresh Ideas

A really important part of any research is to read and find new, fresh ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.

Reading success stories and strategies, from people who have already become successful, is a really great way to get inspiration. Their path to success may not be yours, but it may inspire you to find your path.

Equally you may just find that one, single idea that clears your vision and leads you to a successful business.

And it doesn't need to be heavy going. There are many excellent books out there that are informative, based on experience... AND easy to read.


With a new home based Internet business idea, it is ideal to find out whether there is a market, by asking potential clients. With the Internet this has become so easy. There are forums for all topics. Just find the one that relates to your idea and interact with the community.

Beware though of trying to sell anything. There are usually regular users who jump on any outsiders whose only interest is selling something, rather than interacting.

This actually led to the third of my Internet home businesses.

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