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Home Based Business Coaching

Is Home Based Business Coaching for you?

We all need help at times. No one is an expert at everything.

And home based business is no exception.

Home Based Business Coaching is something you should consider if you are "stuck" with your business plan and growth.

It can also be really beneficial if you feel you lack business confidence. What you are doing in your business may actually be a good plan, but perhaps you need reassurance and professional advice to be confident about that.

Some Business Coaching Options

When you think about Business Coaching, do not close your ears at the thought of a huge cost, lots of study, and loss of control of your business.

None of these concerns need ever be real.

Coaching takes many forms, and as you are the business owner, ultimately you are in charge of what the final learning outcome will be.

If you are paying for the help, then you will probably be very motivated to get value out of the service.
But equally, if you don't have the funds to pay for help, you can still find good advice to move your business forward.

Home Based Business Coaching can mean two things - both relevant to Home Based Business.

1. Coaching in your home, i.e. via books, phone, internet and downloaded information, or a personal business coach
2. Coaching specifically about running a successful home based business


  • Library
    Your local library will almost certainly have a wide range of business books available.

  • Bookstore
    Most bookstores will have a Business section to browse. You may choose to find a Technical Bookstore, such as at a University or Business School, and look for books there.

    Alternatively borrow a book or two from someone you know. If they have already read it, then it will probably come with a recommendation too!

  • Subscribe
    Subscribe to a relevant magazine or online forum. Keep in touch with what is happening in areas relevant to your work by listening to others in the industry. Sometimes this will just give you a new inspiration or the reassurance that you actually do know what you are doing!

  • Business Groups
    Most towns have a business group of some description. Generally, for an annual fee or a fee for each event you attend, you can meet up with other business owners and managers.

    These groups often organize speakers and seminars as well. If you choose a local group, this will build your local support network as well as help get you out of the house regularly.

  • Expos and Business Events
    Different industry groups organize Exhibitions for the public, often on an annual basis.

    Choose a few to attend each year, and go along with an open mind.
    See what people are doing and talk to anyone about anything that looks interesting to you!
    Not only is this a great chance to have an outing, you can also network, pick up new ideas and generally get inspired!

  • Business Coaching
    You may choose to pay for a professional business coach to either provide advice and resources remotely, e.g. over the internet, mail, recommended reading etc. Or personally in a one on one or group coaching session.

    Choosing a Business Coach

    If you choose to work with a particular Business Coach, there are literally thousands of choices of Home Based Business Coaching out there.

    Do your homework.

    This is more of a commitment than choosing a book at the library.

    You are putting both your time and your hard-earned money into trying to improve your business - and ultimately your income and lifestyle.


  • Where are they based, and do you want/need them to be local or not?
  • What actual, real business experience have they had? Or is this just all text book information?
  • How successfully has this person applied their knowledge to their own lives?
  • Do they practice what they preach?
  • What costs are involved?
  • What do you get for your money?
  • Can you expect any additional costs along the way?
  • Do you want individual attention? Or are you comfortable with group coaching for a lesser cost?
  • Do you even want to physically attend any coaching or would on online coach work better for you?
  • Will you want ongoing support, and is it available?

    For each person, each business and each situation, the factors you need to investigate will be different.

    By no means is the above list exhaustive.

    Again, do your Home Based Business Coaching homework - personalized to your needs.

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