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Hobbies and Interests
Outside Your Home Business

When you have a work from home business it is important to maintain hobbies and interests outside of your business.

It is very likely that you started with your list of hobbies when trying to identify the best idea for your home business.

If you have chosen one of your recreation activities to pursue as a business idea, then you need to ensure that you develop / maintain other outside interests to give you a break from your business.

There are also many lifestyle benefits to working from home;

Taking A Break

If what used to be on your hobbies and interests list has now become the basis of your home based business, it is really important to take a break from it periodically.

How often you need to take a break or get away is different for each of us. What is important is that you change your focus from time to time to keep fresh.

Part of the reason you were attracted to an activity would have been the feeling it gave you. That feeling will drive the passion for your business - so you don't want to lose it by making your passion a chore.

It is also really easy to become stale or bored when what you used to do for fun, is now the basis of your income.


  • Develop a new leisure activity

  • Enjoy your hobby purely for the enjoyment of it occasionally - without relating it back to your business all the time.

    A lot of people say that they love something so much, that it just doesn't feel like work!
    But it is really easy to get in a rut without even realizing it.

    As the old saying goes, "A change is as good as a rest".

    So keep yourself motivated in your business by inserting change by developing interests outside of your home and business.

    Get Out of the House

    It is also really important to get out of the house when you run a business from home.

    Because you are based at home you will need to plan times to get out of the house and do other things.

    It is just too easy to keep working - either on your business or doing household chores.

    Planning downtime is really important, as is getting out and about - away from home - into new surroundings.


  • Have lunch in town once a week

  • Take a holiday away from home at least once a year

  • Get some exercise by biking or walking out in the fresh air each day

  • Make some of your appointments away from the house to add some variety to your schedule

  • Join a Club or Group that has regular organized outings

  • Meet up with other home based business owners, and change the location each time

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