"Build your home business and give yourself choices"

Eco Friendly Home Business Tips

You can choose to be eco friendly when you own a work from home business in so many ways - for both products and services.

This often naturally translates into your personal life, and vice versa.

You may have been driven towards an environmentally friendly business because of your personal desire to protect our environment.

Or your personal values may have been influenced by a green business opportunity you have recognised and developed.

A Good Marketing Strategy

As the world's population becomes more aware of, and more concerned about, the need to protect the environment, this can work to your business advantage.

I am not advocating choosing green principles solely because they look good to your customers. But it can be a legitimate marketing tool when promoting your business.

If you are genuinely operating your home business according to a significant number of green business principles, then why not advertise that fact.

Each country has their own guidelines for what is sustainable business practice, so get familiar with the ones that apply to you - make them work for your home based business - and tell your customers about it!

If you want to keep up with Environmental News and Developments then have a look at ENN - Environmental News Network.
Excellent up to date information.

Eco Friendly Business Ideas

An eco friendly business idea does not have to be the entire business concept. It can also be just one small part of your business operation. Each small change to be more environmentally friendly is a worthwhile endeavour.

However, you are also running a home based business for reasons other than saving the planet (usually). So you need to ensure that your choices are also smart for your business success.


  • Perhaps your budget does not allow you to only purchase paper from recycled sources. But you could ensure that you recycle all paper products your business uses - and that can often mean a cost saving also.

  • Aim to make all correspondence electronic to reduce your usage of both paper and printing materials.

  • Purchase locally produced components and products to reduce the travel miles of the items.

  • Combine business and personal shopping expeditions to reduce your vehicle usage. With a home based business you are probably not bound to venture out in the name of work each day anyway.

  • Build a network of people who can help you with resources rather than continually buying new. Often home based business owners can connect with other stay at home community members such as stay at home parents or retired people. This will also bring a wealth of knowledge.

    A fantastic resource that is gaining popularity worldwide is FreeCyclers. In each geographic area there is a FreeCycle group set up to communicate with each other - via email is the most common way. The most basic aim of the groups is to keep items out of the landfills. This is done by offering unwanted / unused items to the group. Anyone who can use the item can communicate directly with the person offering it to arrange collection. You can also use the group to ask for items that you need - further reducing the reliance on purchasing new goods.

    Search the Internet for "Freecyclers" in your area!
    You may find yourself amazed at the variety of goods available by this method!

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