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Easy Home Based Business Tips to Succeed

What is an easy home based business?

You probably want to make great profits with little work.

Maybe some people have achieved that. I have not. However, I have learned to focus on the important actions - each day.

No easy home based business exists. All that I have found involve work. But clarity and focus enhance the outcomes greatly.

While having a home based business is often about making life easier, more flexible, and being able to work around your other commitments and lifestyle; schedule and discipline are also very important.

You will quickly find that if you do not remain focused on your business, and use a regular schedule that works for you, that your business will not make progress.

While we all have our individual priorities and levels of self-motivation, there is always something to learn from those who find daily order imperative.

Following a regular, orderly schedule will yield results much sooner, or you will suddenly realize that 6 months has flown by with very little achieved.

Having an easy home based business still means you have to make a plan - and follow it.

The Daily Target Praxis

The daily target praxis takes a maximum of 15 minutes and here are the steps:

  1. Brain Dump your "Must Do" items.
    By writing them down you free your mind and can be certain nothing is forgotten.
  2. Review Your Major Targets
    Reviewing your short term (1 week), medium term (1-6 months) and long-term (6 months - 3 years) goals helps to focus on what is really important.
  3. Add any tasks that will help to achieve these targets.
  4. Do It, Deliberate or Dump It
    I go through the list of tasks and select what I will do today. I try to select a maximum of 3 items. To select them, I ask: If they were the only things I achieved today, would I be happy with my achievement?
    The other items go to the "Mental Lock Box" or I realize that they are not important and I dump them.
  5. Do it Now, Delegate, Schedule or Dump It
    If you have people working for you, you can delegate some tasks. Other tasks might be scheduled for a specific time (such as meetings) or you can dump them.

Then I start to work through the items. 


I used to get distracted very easily and started doing things that were not directly related to what I wanted to achieve.

Now I use the Dream Catcher for that. Any thoughts, ideas or tasks that I think of during the day, I write down in the dream catcher. 

During the Daily Target Praxis I review the items from the Dream Catcher and deal with them in the process.

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