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Day Care Services for Your Home Business

Day Care is an industry that may work for you.

This does not have to mean working with children. Today, this could also mean adult or even doggie day care.

For those of us who lead busy lives outside the home, there is a growing need to ensure that not only our children are well-cared for while we are gone, but also our parents and animals.

Day Care Explained

Establishing a center in your home would be to provide a service to people nearby, who need to be away from their own homes during the day.

The service would enable them to go out to work, or take a break, and be confident that their "care responsibility" was being well looked after.

"Care responsibility" might be:
- a child / children
- a pet such as a dog that can not be left alone all day, or may be temporarily unwell and can not be left
- an elderly relative or parent that may need supervision or assistance during the day

You would use your own home as the premises, thus keeping overheads down, and allowing you to remain at home for whatever reasons you feel you need to be at home.

Child Care Business can be the best job you ever had.

"Here is what I know; In all my years, even in the worst of times, I have never been unemployed OR under-employed in this business! This site is dedicated to helping new child care providers become successful. This is a stay at home job that you can grow over time. It has good pay with low overhead costs. There is a great opportunity to enjoy your child's formative years while making a full-time or part-time income. Visit us for free advice on how to have a profitable business and provide high quality care."


There are many advantages to this, for both you and your clients.

  • You can work from home! (okay so this is obvious)
  • You provide a home environment for your clients which lends a personal touch and comfort
  • Generally clients come from nearby so a sense of community is often felt
  • There are often tax advantages to running such a business from your home. Each state / country has different rules you will need to thoroughly investigate, but in some cases the money can be pretty much tax-free.
  • There is growing demand for such services, not only for people but for animals too.


    As with anything there are disadvantages too.

  • You will always have other people in your home, meaning you will need to be constantly organised and downtime may not possible during the day
  • The amount you get paid is generally not enough unless you have more than one / several clients each day
  • As this is a very personal service you will need to be able to cope with hearing about the goings on of everyone else's lives!

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    Establishing a day care center can be a very successful way of having a home business.

    If you are well set up to cater for your clients, then it can be possible to build some privacy and quiet time into your day to recharge your batteries.

    You should be really clear before setting out:
    - whether you can handle people constantly being in your private space
    - whether you prefer people or animals
    - whether the returns are enough for any compromises you may have to make

    Extend Your Business Research


  • Having the idea is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of experience and information you can utilize by doing good research before you start your business. Don't re-invent the wheel - learn, then modify it to work for you.

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