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Christian Home Businesses

Principles of Foundation

Christian Home Businesses follow many of the same Christian principles as any other Christian business.

The underlying foundation for the way the business is run is based around personal Christian beliefs.

How exactly this translates is going to be a little different for each person.

As with anything there are varying degrees to which the rules are applied, and different ways they are interpreted.


A comparative example might be laundry.

Two people might be responsible for the laundry in one household. Each will have their own particular way of doing it, with different results.

Perhaps one person does not really want to spend a lot of time doing laundry, so while they want clean clothes, they are not so worried if they are not ironed.

The other person also wants clean clothes, but wants the end result to be completely finished including perfectly pressed clothes. They may be prepared to spend a lot more time and energy to get the absolute result they want, and will not compromise for anything less than that.

Each person is happy with their end result, and each believes they have "done their laundry".

The point is, that there are many interpretations of the same thing. And Christian business principles are no different.

How to Run a Christian Home Business

How you run a Christian Home Business will depend on what fits with your personal beliefs and the way you like to do things.


  • Honesty - complete honesty is a rare thing. Often we have deceit in our lives, and often justify it as "white lies". Sometimes half-truths are disguised as tact or diplomacy - and maybe that is not always a bad thing? So the level of honesty you operate to will be different for everyone.

  • Integrity - always doing what you say you will do is not easy, but is a frequent test of integrity. Do you always stick to your word, even if it means you lose financially or in business?

  • Fairness - having a "win-win" result is a term you often hear in life and business. This is based around fairness. It can be difficult to always be sure that the other party also believes a deal is fair - not only should you believe the deal is fair, but it also pays to establish if the other party also believes it was fair. When people feel they have been unfairly treated, it can breed anger, resentment and ill-feeling.

  • The type of business - for most Christians the type of business will be a consideration. For example, there would not be many Christians who would be happy with a business that required nudity. However, businesses that do not sit well with some Christians, will be fine for others.

    Principles That Apply to all Business

    The factors above will be a consideration for any business. Perhaps the difference for Christian Home Businesses is that you are aware of the principles you are looking for, and you deliberately set out to achieve them.

    For many business owners these ways of operating are just inherent in how they operate, rather than being solely about being Christian.

    Going the Extra Mile

    Once you feel you have the fundamental Christian values in place for your business, you may wish to do a bit more.

    Continually striving to do better is as important in business as it is in life.

    As your work at home business operation becomes more established, you might want to work out how to develop it further so that it benefits not only your business, but other people and possibly our entire world as well.

    As you read the examples below, consider how they may fit with Christian teachings, and whether you could do more in your business.


  • The Environment - is your business and the way you operate respectful of the environment?

  • Your Community - start local and think about how you and your business could further benefit the local people and community.

  • The Global Community - there is always a need for help in the world. Do you produce a product or service that could be beneficial to the entire world? If not, perhaps you could donate time or money to those not as fortunate as you. This would be particularly relevant if one of the reasons you have a home business is to achieve some flexibility in your life.

  • Children and Youth - finding ways to assist the next generations in a positive way can be really rewarding. Could you give some time to teach young people about your business, and the way it operates?

  • Education - this is another key to a better life on earth, and you may be able to focus some time and energy finding ways to improve access to education in your area, your country, the world?

    Final Note

    Please understand that this is nowhere near a complete list of possibilities.

    It is simply designed to get you thinking about what the running of Christian home businesses could actually mean.

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