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Christian Home Based Business

Shared Beliefs, Morals and Ethics
or Marketing Ploy?

If you are contemplating starting your own Christian home based business, there is much to consider.

Where do you start?

Like many, you may have searched the Internet only to walk away with “information overload”.

Which site do you click on?

Do you have the time or energy to read through all the websites that shout “Home Based Business Opportunities!”?

The answer is probably a resounding “No”.

You may have noticed “Christian home based business” opportunities in your Internet search results as well. At that point, if you were already sporting a slight headache, it may have developed into a pounding migraine!

A Christian home based business generally employs certain ethics.

A Christian home based business will generally operate
with certain ethics and morals. However, you can not assume the principles are the same for all Christians.

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Whether you are a Christian or not, you need to always be comfortable with the ethics of your modus operandi, and this should not be "modified" at whim to gain advantage.

You may find that being known as a Christian business brings markets and rewards, and it may also bring business relationships with like-minded people.

However, I would think it necessary to remain as vigilant as always against those whose word you can not trust, and whose actions are not ethical.

Just because someone proclaims to be Christian does not mean they are not human with human traits and tendencies.

Be responsible for your own actions, and consider each business opportunity on its own merits - Christian or not. 

A New Type of Home Based Business?

How is a Christian business opportunity different from other types of businesses?

Essentially, there was no “Eureka” moment. Christian home based business opportunities do not boast a new revolutionary way to sell, package, and market consumer goods and services.

The one defining characteristic is that the Christian business is purportedly run on Christian principles. Virtues, such as honesty, ethical conduct and moral uprightness are the foundation on which they conduct their business.


Keep in mind that if you sincerely want to create a Christian Home Based Business, or you would ideally like to deal mostly with Christian businesses, that there is genuine information available.

Have a look here to find the best Christian online business opportunities and income generating ideas working from home to earn extra income part-time or full-time.

Cornering the Market?

I believe that the label “Christian” is placed on businesses to attract a certain target market. After all, Christianity is one of the largest religious groups.

So what better way to raise trust, than playing towards this fellowship?

In reality, every successful home based business needs to be based on ethical principles. Otherwise it cannot survive long-term.

For an in-depth perspective check out the christian-business-opportunities website from marketplace ministry leaders and pastors, Scott and Laurie Prindle.

Not Just Christians

It may also be interesting to you that many other religions also operate networks of fellow business owners.

It is actually quite common for people from the same religious background to associate in the business world.

This may be a conscious decision, or it may simply be that they know people well from their religious related activities, and so feel a stronger connection and a sense of trust.

There is also the community factor, as around the world, it is not uncommon for those of a particular religion to live and work together in particular areas of a town or country.

In some situations it is a requirement. Personally this may not sit well with you, but it can be beneficial to know that there is a whole network of like-minded business people who are encouraging, supporting and helping you succeed.

What Are Important Ethical Business Principles?

You’ve heard me say it again and again: trusting relationships are key for me.

When new prospects hear about our business, they are usually either disinterested or interested and distrustful.

Good marketing should weed out the disinterested.

To win the trust of interested prospects, I give them a taste of what I’ve got to offer. In a way, this website is also a taste of my knowledge and personality.

The next step is to over-deliver on their expectations. Not always easy, if you are not certain what their expectations are.

That is where being active in the relationship comes in. I actively continue the dialogue with my prospects. That is one reason why a few large clients are easier to maintain than many small clients. With many small clients, the communication gets more generic (e.g. auto-responders and mail-outs).

Christian Principles

Maybe I digressed a bit. Back to the Christian home based business.

It could be a long debate as to what Christian principles are. Honesty is definitely one of them. Maybe the most important with regards to any business, not just Christian business.

When purchasing a business opportunity, it may be a good starting point to know that a business is run on Christian principles. However, it would be unwise to jump in with both feet to any opportunity (not only a Christian home based business opportunity) before:

  • Assessing a fit with the person that is selling the opportunity to you.
  • Making a list of various home based business opportunities. Is the business conducive to your skills and talents? You should also be excited about the offered product or service.
  • Taking the time to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each business opportunity.
  • Evaluating the amount of time it would take to set up your home based business.
  • Calculating the estimated time it would take to start accruing profits.
  • Noting the amount of support provided by the parent company.


In today’s competitive business world, it is imperative to build strong, mutually satisfying working relationships. This is true whether it is with those who buy your goods or services or the company you are affiliated with.

Having common beliefs, morals and ethical standards can enhance and strengthen these relationships.

Before starting any home based business, it is still important to do your homework. You may be particularly attracted to a Christian work at home business, but you still need to be passionate about the product or service. As well as informed about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular business opportunity.

These are determining factors in the success of both - your home based business or Christian home based business.

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