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Buy Health Insurance
& Protect Your Home Business

If you are self-employed or have a home based business you need to buy health insurance for added protection.

The reason for this may not seem obvious to you, especially if you happen to live in a country that has government funded health care.

As you work at home you are most likely working for yourself, or you are required to take care of your own insurances if you are working on contract for someone else.

Why Health Insurance for a Home Business?

You need to buy health insurance for many reasons, including:

  • You do not have an employer to take care of this for you - employees often have the additional benefit of employer subsidized, paid for and/or organized health insurance.
    Self-employed people do not have this advantage, you need to organize it for yourself.

  • You may be the sole person who works in the business, or if not, you are probably the one who runs the business - if you become sick the business probably will not function.

  • When you become sick - and I say when, not if, because it happens to all of us at some point - you need to be back at work as fast as possible.

  • Because you need to be back at work as fast as possible, you need every resource available to you to make this happen - you can not afford (literally, because your income is at stake) to be waiting for treatment because of cost factors.

    Health Insurance, Life Insurance or Income Protection Insurance
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    What Should I Do?

    I always recommend finding a reputable Insurance Broker.

    Insurance is such a specialized area, and it is really important to make sure that what you are paying for is actually what you need.

    Your Insurance cover should take into account the things that make your situation unique:

  • any existing health issues

  • your family history

  • do you have any dependants, such as children, spouse, parents?

  • the nature of your work
    - is it physical, active work?
    - how specialised is your role?
    - is it outdoors or indoors?
    - are you mostly at home, or are you out and about?
    - do you have critical duties that must be done every day? e.g looking after people, animals or perishable items?

  • do you have any other source of income?

    These are actually fairly standard Insurance questions, but you need to consider them from your Health perspective.

    Being sick is not always going to be spending 2-3 days in bed with the winter flu.

    It could mean weeks or months of illness that requires specialized treatments.

    Can you, your family and your home business afford to have no income for weeks or months?

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